Seems like a fun time to own an xbox 360 ...


Jul 4, 2000
Just thinking about some new games that I wanted to get:

BioShock (Aug. 21, 2007)*
Blue Dragon (Aug. 28, 2007)*
PGR 4 (Sep. 4, 2007)
Halo 3 (Sep. 25, 2007)*
GTA IV (Oct. 16, 2007)*
Naruto (Oct. 16, 2007) (supposed to be good; haha)
Guitar Hero III (Oct. 29, 2007)
Assassin's Creed (Nov. 2007)*
Call of Duty 4 (Nov. 2007)*
FEAR Files (Nov. 2007)
Splinter Cell Conviction (Nov. 2007)
Mass Effect (Don't Know?)*
Two Worlds (Don't Know? Not really into games like this, but my friend is)

All the asterisk ones I'll probably end up getting. I might get em all. hahaha. Any others to add? Comments?



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Apr 21, 2005
You'll probably get more feedback if you posted this in the new console games forum. Hopefully it will get moved there.

But yes, this entire year so far has been a great time to own a 360, and it's going to last through the end of the year. There are a bunch of good games on the way.

I'm really looking forward to Halo 3, Assassins Creed, GTAIV and COD4.