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Seeking advice from parents


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Feb 16, 2001
My baby just turned 1 year old. She's been eating solids fine and my wife breast feeds her three times a day. I just found out that for the past week my sister-in-law (who has been nannying for us) has only been feeding her pasta and tomato sauce (homemade, not canned). I was concerned because to me a baby needs a variety of foods, especially different veggies; however, my sister-in-law swears that my baby refuses to eat anything else.
My question for all you parents: How healthy is a pasta/tomato sauce and breast milk diet? I have a call into my baby's doctor, but it takes forever to get a call back.

Thanks in advance!


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Aug 24, 2000
In the short term, it won't hurt her to be eating all that tomato sauce and pasta, but you're absolutely right - she needs variety. I'd also worry a little bit about how she's digesting the tomato sauce - like I said, in small quantities once in a while, it's not a big deal at all, but if that and breast milk are all she's eating, I'd be concerned. Infants and toddlers can develop diarrhea pretty quickly, and from there, you're looking at diaper rashes and yeast infections if she has a lot of it. Just imagine if all you ate was tomato sauce and pasta - you'd probably have heartburn and a stomachache.

The time to make your kids eat what you want them to is when they're little, like your daughter. If she's hungry, she'll eat whatever you give her, although she'll have favorites and may fuss if you try to feed her something she thinks she doesn't like. It sounds like your sister-in-law, well-meaning though she may be, finds it easier just to give your daughter what she thinks she wants rather than be persistent in trying to get her to eat a variety of things that would be better for her.

A 1-year old can't thrive on just breast milk and pasta with tomato sauce - she needs vegetables, starches and fruits, along with all of the vitamins and minerals they provide. Plus, it sets up some bad habits if you let your 1-yr. old dictate what she will and won't eat.

Good luck!!


Oct 9, 1999

<< If she's hungry, she'll eat whatever you give her >>

I'm not little, and I'm still that way.:D

Russ, NCNE

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Jan 21, 2000
It is probably not optimal, but I wouldn't make it your sister-in-law's problem. Get her some more variety when she is in your care. I'd guess she is only having lunch + some kind of snack with your SIL, so it's not that bad if that is what she will eat in quantity. Mealtime should be pleasant experience, not battle of wills - in my opinion. This is a hotter topic than abortion on the parent type lists.

BTW, pasta + tomato sauce is already starch, plus vegetable, protein also if there's a little meat in the sauce, or she is probably drinking milk or formula with lunch, that's protein there.


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Oct 9, 1999
Wonderful that she is still breast feeding, so many moms cut it off too soon. As far as pasta and sauce-->I gotta say the pasta is ok but not the sauce it is very hard on the stomach, plus she needs variety. This is the time when they learn what they like/dislike and it only get harder as they get older to introduce new foods. BTW be sure to avoid peanut products both baby and mom as it can cause severe reactions, new info from Am. AcadamyPediatricians most 1 year olds love pb but best to wait on that one. If SIL is primary caregiver she needs to be a little conscerned with the limited diet, too. Hope this helps.


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Nov 5, 2000
She's probably ok right now, since she's getting most of what she needs through breast milk, but she should be encouraged to eat a variety of healthy foods, so that she doesn't just want pasta all the time. She needs to acquire a taste for a lot of healthy things so that she can have a balanced diet when she stops breastfeeding.