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Secure erase one drive, brick the other?


Mar 25, 2014
Earlier today I used Samsung's Magician to run a secure erase on my 830 256 GB. The Magician software creates a bootable USB drive to run the erase operation. During this process, the 830 was reported to be "frozen" and I was instructed to remove the drive's power cable, wait a few seconds and reconnect. I did that and the erase was initiated and completed. But... I noticed when the secure erase utility re-scanned the computer's drives, my new 850 EVO did not show up. Now, back in Windows it's MIA. Doesn't show up anywhere, including the BIOS. Sure looks like it's bricked to me.

If anyone has a tip, that would be great. I'm posting this more as a PSA than anything else. If I ever do this again, I'll disconnect any other SSDs first.