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Dec 27, 2016

I have a Segate 2TB hd model ST2000dm001External HD. My old info Seagate labels it as GoFlex I removed the plastic housing to see if the rating was written on the bare unit. All i found were the words Seagate Barracuda with 2 ratings 5 vdc .75A and beneath 12 vdc .43 A. I am not using it and haven’t for several months. i wanted to give it to one in my family. i searched for all the info i had including the wall wort. i could not find a power supply with the same size plug. So I went to the Seagate site and found that this style of HD as driven by either 5 or 12 volts. I found that i do have a larger wort that has three connectors on it. I did not measure its output before I found out what one of them fits with Segate’s original power supply. I have ample test power supplies but I still want someone to tell me if they have this 2TB HD what is the VDC out put of their wort. Maybe it can use either ?? Does anyone know. If you have one like this what is the DCV.


May 7, 2002
How do I identify / differentiate between Seagate External power supplies?
The following will help you identify Seagate external storage power supplies.

Please click on the name of your product to see an image of its power supply.

Direct-attached storage drives

Backup Plus Desktop and Backup Plus for Mac Desktop
GoFlex Desk and GoFlex Desk for Mac (most models) (some models)
Expansion External Drive (newer model) (older model)
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