Question Screen recording issues on PSP through RemoteJoy - please help!

Sep 25, 2015
Note: This thread is also present in the gaming forum but I think I may get a better response here, given that this is more of a technical issue than a gaming issue and has to do with Windows.

Hello all,
I'm an avid Gran Turismo fan and I've been through 3 PSPs playing just this one game on it.

I'd like to record a few laps on the Nurburgring from my PSP E-1004. Towards this end I downloaded the RemoteJoy Lite program, which allows one to display PSP screen to a laptop (480*272px) through USB, and ran it in order to record the screen. This led to some very strange problems:

Case 1: Acer E5-553-T4PT laptop running W10. Installed the program and spent maybe 4-5 full hours trying to get it to run. Found x64 PSP Type B drivers that finally let me run the damn program and see the screen on my laptop. However as soon as the PSP outputs video to the laptop, the gameplay on the PSP itself slows down by about 10-15%. It was almost imperceptible until I played one lap and realised how slow everything was. As soon as I disconnect the mini-USB cable, the gameplay goes back to normal. Overclocking the PSP to max 333MHz did not help.

Case 2: Fished out an old old Toshiba NB100 netbook running an Atom N270 with 2GB RAM and WinXP. The RemoteJoy program ran flawlessly from the get go, and no lag on the PSP when connected. However if I run the frame capture function from within RemoteJoy, the gameplay starts lagging on the NB100 - even when I selected "Uncompressed" quality so even no encoding involved (~500MiB for 27s of gameplay). I installed a screen recorder but that caused it to lag even more as they don't support uncompressed. My only goal was to get the video from the NB100 and record the sound separately via line-in from my laptop (am running saved replays). But no...

Anyone here who can help me with this? I'd really appreciate it. You get to see my sub-7 minute laptimes of the Nordschleife if you do :p

Thank you so much.