Schuko / Europlug / BS 1363 -> C5?


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Nov 13, 2005
So I'm looking for a one-piece plug which has the plug of any of the above standards going directly into a C5 jack (i.e. without any cable inbetween).

(I imagine Europlug is not actually an option with C5/6, but hey I have to ask)

What really annoys me about the C6-socketed PSU's of a lot of compact notebooks is that they'll make a reasonably compact PSU, then ship it with a giant reel of localised C5 cable.
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May 21, 2012
Yep, bugs the heck out of me too. Some tablet power supplies do this too, the Motorola Xoom "travel" charger is a classic bulky-cable example (the Samsung and ASUS devices use nice compact all-in-one charger plugs, by comparison).

Best I've found is these two, for UK (BS1363) plugs.

I found lots of other permutations, too - at least one of those sites has options for C5-to-europlug, among others. Would be handy for travel, just bring a couple of plugs with you.