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School me on Gsync


Oct 9, 1999
So my master plan was to go Vega and Freesync and i spent several months researching this before vega launch. Then Vega launched, and sucked, so now im waiting out Volta and will likely go with a 2070/2080 when they come out and a Gsync panel.

What should i be looking for? i know with freesync you had to pay attention to the sync range especially the minimum end of the range, does this also apply to Gsync displays?

Looking for a 25-30" 1440p panel, ideally 100hz+ if you guys can recommend any. TN is fine this will be a gaming only display i have a nice dell IPS for my productivity/photography work.

Are there any specific gsync features i should look for that all gsync panels do not have?


Aug 18, 2012
I have the Dell s2716dg and you can probably find it for $4-500 now. It was around almost $600 when I got it.

If you play games that give you over 100hz in fps then you want to match that with your monitor. Not many do though when all cranked up.

It's a nice monitor and I run a color profile for it but most people just adjust colors themselves. It's not IPS though which I'm fine with. For 1440p it's perfect and you want around at least 27 inches or so for good visual on 1440p.

As long as the monitor can do 100hz and up gsync will help you out and make everything smoother. If it's only 60hz I don't think it matters. As you can cap your games to 60hz yourself through software or in game.


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Dec 12, 2010
Ugh well here's the shorty I learned. The overall goal is to eliminate screen artifacts resulting when fps doesn't match refresh rate (htz). Vertical sync will bring the fps down to match htz while Gsync brings the resolution down to match htz if possible.With a 144 htz monitor you will likely only need Gsync but if you could push 200 fps you would use Vsync.


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Oct 26, 2012
I disabled Gsync and tried ULMB and Vsync instead on my 180hz monitor (ULMB is 120hz). It was awful. Tearing was everywhere!

I also disabled Gsync and went back to 180hz. Still noticed tearing even up to 180fps! Gsync is amazing. I don't care if there is a bit of added input lag, I don't notice it. I do notice the tearing however if it is disabled. TLDR: Gsync/Freesync is noticeable even at 200HZ!!!!

On my 4k60 Gsync it is absolutely necessary to have it enabled as well. Without gysnc at 60hz, I wouldn't even bother gaming at 4k unless it was a slow paced game...

On my 4k60 Freesync display (r9 290 build) it is the exact same experience. Adaptive sync rules!

It takes me a long time switch back to no adaptive sync. I don't know how my console friends can do it; gaming at 30 fps...

edit: I would not worry about the freesync limitations unless the game you play is severely CPU limited.
I play ARMA 2 on my 4k60 Gsync and at times it goes down to 10-20 fps and the Gsync effect is very visible and sort of distracting. It is almost like a strobe effect. Gsync doesn't make the game more playable at 10-20 fps. The game is already barely playable. The freesync range is low 30's? So what?

I game at 4k on a 1070 and not a single game dips below 50 FPS for me as I do not play at ultra. Destiny 2 is the newest title for me and it doesn't dip below 59 FPS!

Vega will also do just as well in Destiny 2 and not suffer the Freesync limitations.
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