Sceptre E325BV-HD 32" LED backlit Passive 3D display quick review.


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Oct 4, 2005
I had this posted in the Hot Deals section and well figured I would pick it up. helped. Using it as a PC display.

More info: MainPage.htm

So far it's a pretty nice display. 3D works good. Got it about 4ft-5ft away. 2D looks good too.

Trying out the iZ3D and Tridef 3D drivers for 30 days.

Played some 3D YouTube videos.

Screen looks good. No noticeable lag. Gaming in 3D is cool. Will try some 3D rentals from Vudu and maybe some Blu-Rays.

If you are considering it and have any questions feel free to ask.

Passive looks good to me. The further you can get the display the better it looks. I'd say try this model out by Sceptre. I looked up the company and other products by them they seem to get mostly positive reviews.

I also asked Sceptre and they said the firmware is also upgradeable which is good. They are quick to respond too.
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