sbc dsl CSR support is the worst!


Oct 4, 2002
expect to wait at least 30min of holdup time, and when you talk to them, some of them are clueless! all i wanted was to change package to deluxe and it took me freaking 4 days to get to someone that knows what they're doing. is frustrating cause I waste more of my time being put on hold then anything else. at first they switch me around then they switch me back cause none of them are of no help. you need a lot of patient and I mean it could be up to 1 hour before they actually get anything done like billing errors, connection problem etc. whats funny is that they try to talk me into changing my basic plan to all in one solution for 48 excluding taxes everytime you talk to them. The basic for 17 is alreading costing me 30 bucks with all this stupid taxes added on top of it.
Anyway their service is so so and worse at some cases. They even asked me to rate them from 1 to 5, 5 being the best, i say 3 and was asked was I satisifed so i said "yes, but just don't to overrate it," LOL.
The reason why it took me 4 day was for first 3 days they keep jerking me around, so on the 4th i waited like 45min or more to get throught to someone, then another 30min to make the changes cause most of the time they were trying to sell me stupid plan I don't need.
BTW, that speed change is bs. just 128k increase on upload, oh wow! as if connection is twice as fast! they announced it like 2 months ago, but is going to take 3-4 month before some people will even notice the upload increase! jesus, what a bunch of clowns.


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Apr 6, 2001
If you want to deal with some good techs, you need to go to the SBC forums at DslReports and get help there. The techs are very good there and will try very hard to help you out. They are real SBC techs in case you are wondering.

Phone support is really hit or miss in today's world.



Aug 17, 2000
Thats nothing. You should have seen Verizon DSL when I first got it. Waits were so long I'd call go to dinner, take a walk and the phone would still be on hold.


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Sep 4, 2000
And of course naturally you were the most polite and helpful customer that you could be.

One important thing to keep in mind is that changes often don't go into effect until the next billing cycle, so you might not see the billing change for a month or two. At least that was how it was when I was an csr... years ago...


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Oct 12, 1999
I called SBC DSL support three days ago as we have a business class line at one of our locations. Waited 5 minutes. A CSR came on, promptly answered my question and the case was closed.