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Saturday, May 31 8:54AM

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Nov 24, 1999
Originally posted by: LunarRay
Originally posted by: Moonbeam
Do I agree? I have no idea. I would have to rely on the opinion of others to even begin to assimilate what it all means.
Well... in a sense I'd agree you would. But a fair reading of the words indicates to me that some delegates are members of the DNC etc.. they are delegates if no election occurred or if it was early or late. The words like Shall are hard to mistake. They are not delegates based on the popular vote.. they are Super Delegates and they decide who they will vote for based on their own mind set... IF the Charter says they are delegates and it does and the Charter says that all decisions etc of the DNC and its committees must conform to the Charter then how can these rules not be followed regarding Super Delegates.
I'd sorta agree that the 'Committed' delegates who represent the voters choice may be subjected to penalty in this case.. but only a 50% reduction in the vote from 1 to 1/2... it says that too.. But then here is the DNC disenfranchising the voter of their full say in the Denver fiasco to come.... hehehehehe they can't win can they... Dang.. I want to join the RNC where the smart folks live... they got this hard ball stuff down pat.. especially in Florida..
I can't follow the reasoning of your point on the delegates because I haven't steeped myself in the argument and fine points of the charter. I do know that it is easy to be hard ball and not so easy to try to be fair. I will take fair and messy over clean and authoritarian.

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Nov 6, 2005
The totally flawed assumption is that there is a fair way to deal with Florida and Michigan. But perhaps it can be said that that the democratic meeting yesterday was messy but fair.

What basically came out on the talking heads shows this morning is that Obama had the votes at the democratic meeting to force a far more favorable to Obama resolution, but Obama was perfectly happy to let Hillary partially skin him on the deal, as long as Obama did not get totally gutted. So again messy but fair applies.

Now we simply have to wait for the results of Puerto Rico tonight and SD and Montana Tuesday, and then the supers delegates will ratify the the Obama delegate lead. After that,
Hillary will be sunk and without an argument left after Obama passes 2118 and heads towards 2200+.