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Satisfied with the election process or time for a major revamp?


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Jul 19, 2001
I am amazed to see the turnout from this election, over 64% according to a report I heard earlier today. While many early voted (myself included), it still didn't stop the huge lines from forming around the country to vote yesterday, some places locally here in FL had over a 3 hour line (which some family members had to wait in).

Overall, were you satisfied with how the election process ran this time? Think its time for a revamp of the process? If so, what would you change?

Personally, I think electronic voting machines should be banned. Every election brings claims that some malfunction, switch votes, lack a paper trail, etc... Optical "scantron" ballots seem to be a step in the right direction.

Also, I wouldn't mind if some election procedures would be better if standardized across the country, such as early voting and clear definitions on what can't be worn to the polls.

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Nov 4, 1999
It has been shown multiple times now that the Electorial College is not representative of the Popular Vote. I am glad that the popular vote carried the college this time, but I would love to see the college removed.

Beyond that, I wish that there was no early voting (there is none in my state and we did just fine), no early polling, and that election day is a national holiday.


Dec 28, 2004
I just found like only a few states allow its voters to choose permanent absentee ballot as an option. Maybe more states, or all the states should give their voters this option.