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Satan Busters???!!! Please tell me this is satire


Sep 15, 2000
Satanic 8 pointed star in the infamous Pool of the Black Star in the Manitoba Legislature

The Canadian Connection:
Black Magic in the Great White North

The main lobby of the Manitoba State Legislature features a very prominent Satanic symbol.

Manitoba Telephone System (MTS) runs the telephone service in Manitoba, Canada. In the late 1990?s there was an attempt by MTS to introduce a 666 prefix to the Winnipeg exchange. This met with opposition, as the number 666 is associated with the number of the Beast mentioned in the Bible's book of Revelation, and the number is associated with Satanism. MTS backed off the assignment of 666, and instead the new prefix 654 was used. In other areas, BCTel saw fit to assigning the 666 prefix to the federal government in area 604.

Hey, I'm from Manitoba. I have seen that funky star thing in the legislature. now I know the truth! I Shall convert!