SATA order???


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Dec 24, 2000
OK, I admit I'm kinda new to SATA... I know it's been out for a long time and I should have my act together.

I see on the drive that there is a Slave and Master setup in the bios just like IDE.

But, I don't really see any labels on the board itself other than just a bunch of SATA ports. Does it really matter what ones you use or how you plug them in? Do you just Plug and Pray or is there some sort of logic to it?

Stupid question. I just want to know. Also, if your running more then one drive can they both be hooked into slave since the drives don't have jumpers on them...

what is AHCI enabled or normal? Should I care?

Thanks a lot!!!
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Oct 26, 2000
SATA doesn't have a master slave relationship, thank $diety. I hated dealing with that on IDE.

I've not seen a master/slave setup in a BIOS before in their SATA section. So I'm not sure what you're seeing. Do you have a screenshot?

For the most part it doesn't matter what SATA port you use to connect your devices. The only time it can make a difference is when there are different SATA ports on the motherboard.

For example, a motherboard may have 4 ports that come from the Intel chipset and 2 ports from a J-Micron controller (many motherboards have this). Both require different drivers in Windows and components may perform differently between the two.

There shouldn't be any jumpers to set on SATA drives.

AHCI allows for faster operations in Windows. You should have it on. Depending on the version of Windows you have installed, you may have to reinstall it in AHCI mode in order to enable it.
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