SARCASM: Biden is losing Iraq—embassy evacuated!

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Oct 24, 2020
You mean to tell me that World Wars I and II were not conflicts based on bad beliefs, old hatreds, superstitions or could be likened to European tribal wars? Because, judging from Ukraine, it does not seem this has not stopped.

What is this propensity on the part of some on this forum to believe they are so evolved and so high=minded that they can control and dictate the destinies of others around the world?

Iraq had nothing to do with the 9-11 attacks. And Saddam Hussein was a nominal ally. Which is why after a French-built Iragi mistakenly attacked the frigate USS Stark in May 1987, the Reagan administration forgave him. The death toll was 37.

The problem with all historical events is who's telling the story. My sympathies lie with the victims of wanton violence.

Anastasio Samoza was viewed as a mean ruler so much so that FDR said of him: "Samoza may be a son of a bitch. But he's our son of a bitch." Reagan needed Saddam, his son of a bitch, to continue Iraq's war against Iran.

We don't need anymore SOB's. We need global cooperation to combat Climate Change.