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Question Sapphire RX 550 GA-MA770T-UD3


Junior Member
Sep 21, 2020
Hello !! I want to upgrade my nvidia gt520 to the sapphire rx 550, but im not sure if it will work with the ga-ma770ta mobo ( it have the latest 2011 bios update -F10-). The mobo it's legacy only but is there any chance to get work with ?? Can anyone confirm that ?? Thanks in advance !!

PS: After researching in forums and youtube found that the sapphire 570 and gigabyte 560 works with my mobo but I can't find anything for the 550 (especially the sapphire version)

PS2: In my system have the athlon ii x4 640 and 12gb ram and I'll play in my 900p monitor, is the 4gb 550 worth it over the 2gb version ??