Sapphire HD 3850 AGP problem


Nov 26, 2001
I just bought a new WD HD Black 1TB and started re-installing my software.

The first game I installed was the original UT, I decided to take a break and play online to see how the system was working. The results were terrible, even after I put the texture quality to medium at 1024 X 768.

I looked at the Catalyst Control panel and the core speed was running at 296 when it should have been at 668, the memory was dead on at 828. I loaded ATI tray tools to adjust the core speed because the catalyst overdrive would not let me adjust the core speed.

My question is whether this could be a driver issue or a problem with my card, which is about a year old.

Driver Packaging Version 8.452-080109a-057974E-ATI

I was experiencing the BSOD last week so I decided to use the drivers that came with the card.

System: Asus P4P800 SE motherboard
P4 3.2 Northwood ( OC by 5% )
2 Gig Corsair Performance
Antec Earthwatts 500
XP Pro sp3

I feel my system has never reached the potential speed it should have with the Sapphire card.

Any performance help would be appreciated


Junior Member
Apr 8, 2004
I have the same processor and video card on an Intel D865 PERL mobo. The vc is over 2 years old and running as good as new. I've replaced the hard drive once and have never had any problems. You might want to make sure you have the lastest version of netframe and revert back to an older Hotfix driver from Sapphire's web site. I think mine is 8.7. I never tried the drivers that came with the card.

The card was recently taken off availability at NewEgg, but the user posts offer any number of helpful hints.

Good Luck!