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Sapphire 7950 voltage problem


Junior Member
Jan 5, 2013
Hello, here is my problem. I recently bought a Sapphire 7950 Dual X Boost Edition. With the boost activated, it runs at 925/1250 and the stock voltage is 1.25v. However, when I run games or benchmarks it even went up to 1.43v, which is not only dangerously high, but way above the regular 1.25v set in Trixx. Even when I dropped the voltage to 1.125 it sill went to over 1.4 in full load. Is there any reason why it goes so high and ignores anything that I set in Trixx? It used to do this for a while when it reached 1.3v, then for a period of 2 weeks it worked fine, never going about the maximum allowed, but today it went over 1.4v. I'm using GPU-Z, Trixx and HWinfo to read the voltages, and even if they are not all showing 1.4, they all read values over what I set in Trixx.