Samsung QLED versus LG OLED


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Aug 17, 2004
I'm thinking of getting either the LG 77" B2 OLED or the Samsung QN85B QLED 75". Currently we have a 60: Panasonic plasma that's 11 years old. I have to admit that the picture is still very good, and I was kind of waiting for it to fail before I bought a new tv. Our living room can either be bright during the day, but otherwise the room is fairly dark and I watch mostly in the evenings. So far the wife has not complained about lack of brightness even on our current tv, which leads me to think the LG should be alright in that regard.

Mainly we watch Netflix or Amazon series etc. followed by sports such as football or basketball, and probably movies are in third place. I think either would work, right now there is only a $200 price difference between the two with the Samsung being cheaper. We will not hook any gaming consoles up to it.

I'm just sitting here at work with time to shop around, not sure if they will be any cheaper close to superbowl Sunday or not. The LG is $1,999.00 and the Samsung $1,799.00 and I have a credit at best Buy.

Decisions, decisions...


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Apr 7, 2003
This is a highly technical comparison of OLED and plasma. This is comparing 2 flagship units, so you would need to take that into account.

In general OLED is better in dark rooms while QLED is better in bright rooms. You could probably buy either and wouldn't know you are missing out on anything the other offers as both would probably be a huge step up compared to your old TV. I will say that the OS of 2022 Samsung TVs is kind of a dog, can be slow at times. Don't have any experience with LG OS, but I have heard it is pretty decent.
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Jul 27, 2020
Only thing that would sway me towards Samsung despite greyer blacks is that some of their models have 100% DCI-P3 coverage. But it's Samsung. Not sure about their quality and long term reliability.

In a store setting, however, most people are going to pick the Samsung coz it can get really bright and still maintain the vibrance and intensity of its colors. LG OLEDs can usually go up to max 900 nits or lower.

I have a C8 that''s the only one they tried to boost up to 1000 nits but then the reviewers complained that it made the colors weaker. To my eyes, colors look fine but when it gets bright, it can hurt! Samsung gets even brighter so based on my experience, I don't want Samsung blinding me in a dark room.