Samsung HL-P5063 on its way to failing?


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Dec 4, 2022
I purchased a Samsung HL-P5063 DLP HDTV 18 years (!) ago. Other than my replacing the color wheel nine years ago, the unit has been working great. Very happy with its longevity.

When powering on the unit over the last few weeks, however, I've noticed a slight high-pitched noise that quickly lowers in pitch and then goes away. It's not a loud, grinding noise like when the original color wheel was failing.

The display and everything else continues to work well ... but I figure something is on its way to failing. Any idea what it might be?

If something is truly failing, I have to start thinking about replacing this DLP unit with perhaps an OLED TV.


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Aug 11, 2001
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Random guess is the capacitor(s) are failing and putting a switchmode circuit's inductor into a resonant frequency for a moment, then the cap (or transistor) warms up and changes the frequency or pulse width just enough to quiet back down.

If you can solder, I'd open it up and inspect the caps to see if there's any visual signs of venting. It's better to replace them before they subject anything downstream to massive ripple. I'm only suggesting doing this if you see any vented, otherwise could be some other problem.
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