Samsung F1 750GB on older computer w/ SATA-150?


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Jan 15, 2001
I am in need of additional space on my 4 yr. old PC. My mobo has two SATA-150 ports but I am using the PATA right now with a 120GB drive. I was going to buy the samsung spinpoint F1 HD753LJ 750GB for a low price. I just want to make sure a new drive like this will work with the older SATA-150 connection. I am aware that I will not achive the full speed of the drive but I do need the disk space. Thanks for any suggestions!



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Dec 19, 2008

Regardless of what brand drive you go with, SATA is the same protocol, whether it be 150 or 300 (SATAI, SATAII respectively). All the drives that are SATA will work on both of those. SATAII simply has a higher capacity for throughput. And frankly, unless you're running several of these drives in a RAID configuration, you'll never even come close to the 150 (SATAI) top speed. Your single drive probably copies in the 80 burst, 40 random/sustained megabytes per second ranges... So really, you shouldn't worry about SATAI or SATAII unless you actually have storage devices that will even come close to the speeds these tunnels can support.

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