Samsung DLP White Dot Problem


Nov 27, 2001
So I started watching some of my usual Sunday night TV shows and I noticed a strange thing on my TV... two white dots on the left side: one large and the other small. I thought that maybe it was some weird artifact with my receiver, but apparently it isn't. I turned my TV off and then on again... the large one went away for a minute, but eventually came back.

After a bit of Googling, it appears to be some sort of issue with the mirror array. Has anyone here had (or currently have) that problem and had much luck with it? I read that Samsung will supposedly fix it, because it's considered a defect, but my TV is 4 years old (albeit, it's probably only seen between 1.5-2 years of typical use... hence why I'm still on the original lamp)... so I'm not sure if they'd service such a thing for free, and I heard it isn't a cheap part to replace :(.


It appears I get to order a $200 part and put it in myself... yippee! I'm halfway tempted just to buy a new TV :\.
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