S@H1 Athlon64 1ch vs 2ch RAM WU times?


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Nov 4, 1999
I'm curious as to how much difference dual channel RAM makes to the Ath64 ,my hunch is it would make less of a difference to the 1MB cache versions compared to the 512KB variants ,but I'd like to see cold hard figures;)
Also how much quicker are the 1MB versions?

Looking through the AnandTech reviews 2ch DDR gives an average of about a 5-7% boost ,with the 1MB cache about 3-4% boost.Knowing SETI though it'll probably benefit more from these options;)

Inncidently I found this older thread but it didn't have the answers I wanted.

Of course I'd like to know WU times too:)

My Athlon XP2400 @2.22GHz (177FSB,2ch) does average AR WUs in about 2hrs 19mins on v3.03CLI


Jul 8, 2004
Unless you're picking up an Opteron or an A64-FX, there's no such thing as dual channel RAM. You can use multiple sticks, but it won't make any difference in crunch times. The fact that the memory controller is on-die already boosts memory performance far beyond what dual-channel DDR could do on an AXP/NF2 board.

As far as cache on an A64, the half meg cache chips (Newcastle) tend to be the better performers as the clock is raised higher than their 1MB counterparts. On an A64, clock speed translates into more actual performance than additional cache capacity. =)


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Jan 11, 2003
If it helps at all, My Athlon 64 3200 (@2.2GHz) processes work units in about 2 hours and 3 minutes, which is only about 5-6 minutes faster than my Athlon XP 2500 (which was overclocked to 2.2GHz) used to do.