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Question Ryzen-Mainboard with good overall fan control (silence)


Junior Member
May 6, 2020
Dear readers,

could anyone recommend me a mainboard for ryzen 3 (not sure yet whether 3600 or 3700) that can control all fans (CPU, chassis, chipset) in a way the system is as quiet as possible when idle / light tasks?

My oldtimer intel system from 2014(?) with a Gigabyte board has a horrible, horrible fan control software that can only control CPU fan and 1 (out of 3) system fans (the others run at full speed) and resets controls after reboot. The bios is not helping either. So there is constant noise, even if case temperatures are at 18°C and the system is doing nothing relevant.

So when buying a new system, this is one of my priorities ... I'd love to have some stable, reliable control (at bios or os level) to set at which temperatures (all) the fans speed up, with a time threshhold to avoid "pumping".
Alternatively, if this is done automatically, that would be okay too as long as it is reliable and sane.
External software is an option, but it should actually work with the board ...

Any particular manufacturer / model that has this in his offers? Price is not the top priority, i'd like to spend more if i can get that feature. Other features may be relevant, but i don't care about overclocking or RGB at all, neither about the very last % of performance difference.

Thanks for your any advice!


Dec 29, 2001
My ASRock X470 Taichi Ultimate specifically has settings for the fans listed as, "silent", and more than enough headers to handle all of your system fan needs. I use Noctua fans, and split headers for pairs (2x front, 2x top, 2x CPU, one rear vent, and one bottom front inlet) and haven't had issue. Though, if you really want ultimate control, have you looked at a fan controller for your case? If your chasis supports, there are some fairly nice ones out there, and then you aren't at the mercy of an OEM's proper fan controls. Not to mention, you can change and tune to your preference real time.


- Korp


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Sep 26, 2011
I'll continue to pimp my x570 Aorus Elite.
Fans easily configured in bios and can be tied to individual sensors.

Good luck finding any board in stock


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Oct 19, 2001
I've not had any issues with fan control on numerous Asus motherboards over the last 10 years. The curves can either be set in the BIOS or AI Suite if you use their software, otherwise third party fan control software is also available. On the TRx4 platform, I can manage all headers, chipset and VRAM fans plus the individual headers on the extension card. Currently have 11 fans, water pump and the mb fans individually tuned by area either using the water temperature in the loop or the component temp like VRM and chipset.