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Question Ryzen fan speed and cooling

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Oct 10, 1999
I guess this picture is why Im like wtf with the Ryzen software :p
Also if I was at the 800mhz that the Ryzen software shows, then I wouldnt of been 103% with my Cpu maximum frequency, or am I missing something and read wrong off google as far as what those number represent, because I read if at 800mhz, then the percentage should be around 70-80%?

The 2nd picture is what its pretty much at now with the Xbox Live app no longer running, and all the other testing stuff, just looking at the nzxt numbers, and a vast difference then what I was getting before. Yet Ive seen spikes as high as 4200ghz for a split second, it always comes back down to 3700~ghz, and temps I havent seen spike over 55C yet as well. All the rest of the stuff I had on my pc is back on it and running like it was, aside of just the Xbox Live App, thats the only change I have done to it, and this was the result of it.
The clocks shown in Ryzen Master are probably the real clock at that moment in time. Many apps are too slow to keep up with Ryzens clock changes which can happen in a ns.

I'm guessing you won't believe this one from my son's 3600 I just happened to snap at a weird moment in time.


Usually it'll look more like this when idling and doing very little.


Most monitoring apps won't show the current true clocks of the cores as they'll show the last boost clocks just before the core goes into it's sleep state.

HWiNFO64 will show the effective clocks of the cores which in reality is closer to what they're actually running at.


Nov 13, 2001
Sorry for the late reply, i ended up in the er last night, and no way to reply. but i took alls suggestions told, and do now have an understanding, for it took me several rereads of all of this, and because of my disability, it took many reads to get a grip. i have changed my fan curve to a slow interval and also bumped my temp to max at 78c since taking the advice of trying cinebench and say it maxed out at 78c. im very sorry it took me a little for it to sink in, and the problems and confusion it caused for some of you. i thank you for all the help, and have it right thanks to all of you and what was wrote, and thank you even more for ur time and patience with me. sorry for the grammar, i lost the use of my right hand and am now only ablel to type with one hand. i wont be replying for a while because of this unless i just must have to, or until i get my mri and fix whats wrong with my right arm after monday. thanks again, jay
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