Russian STALKER and Starforce protection


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Jul 19, 2007
So I installed a LEGAL copy of STALKER Shadows of Chernobyl on my computer. Now starforce will not let me start the game because it says it detect attempt to use emulation software. Now, I have Alcohol 120% installed on my computer. But it's not active and I set virtual drives to 0. I use it for older games so that I don't have to swap CDs.

Now, I really don't feel like uninstalling programs on my computer just so the game will let me use the software I purchased legally. Any way around this? You guys know about this situation?


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Feb 27, 2003
you could try something like anti-blaxx but i dunno if it will work with starforce

check gamecopyworld for their utilities, and you could alternatively try a nocd from there

hopefully this is acceptable for these forums GL