Question Rtx 4090 issues


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Oct 21, 2022
I'm having some issues to say the least with the 4090. And unless I'm way off in my understanding of what bottlenecking is, as far as I can tell my cpu is not the problem.

I have an i9 9900k at 5.0 ghz with 32 gigs of Viper patriot ddr4 ram 1000 watt evga supernova 80+ platinum psu. I'm aware that I will lose a bit of performance compared to a newer i9 but nooo way should it be this much especially given some other behaviors. I'm also aware that gpu utilization and power draw should not always be maxed. I'm comparing mine to what power usage should be compared to several benchmarks of same games.

Ghost recon breakpoint should be getting 178+- at 4k ultra with gpu usage at 94%+- , and 400 watts+- . I'm getting 100 fps with 60% gpu usage and 200 watts . But my cpu usage is at 6%

Death stranding should be getting 198 fps at 4k ultra with gpu usage at 97% ,425 watts

But im getting 98 fps with 225 watts used 7 % cpu usage and even stranger is changing settings or resolution doesn't effect it either way.

Now hears the head scratcher when running cyberpunk 2077 I'm getting better then average fps. The benchmarks.

When I run furmark I pull upwards of 400watts
And have zero issues it runs fine draws the correct amount of power and I don't crash so my psu can obviously handle the power draw.

When I ran pass mark I was basically 100 fps off on all test except dx 12 where I was 10 fps off.
Dx 9 average 400+- fps(me 325) dx11 823(me 712) dx 12 158( me 145) those seem to be the correct difference id except from running the 9900k . Not a 50% performance decrease. Especially given cyberpunk runs better than average I cannot understand what the hell is going on.