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Rosetta@Home - 12/29: Stats & milestones


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May 28, 2003
No new members today :(

[TA]R@H is now 239 members strong. That number excludes some additional 30 people combined in TeAm Enterprise and about 11 in the Rebel Alliance.

Need some stats? Take a look at Free-DC, BOINC-Stats and BOINC-Synergy

Got some questions? Try the Official R@H FAQ (work in progress).

Want to know something about the medical relevance of Rosetta? Take a look at this article.

Interested in alpha testing for Rosetta? Take a look at RALPH.

Yesterday's highest overall climber: Ekips (1,758 spots)

Yesterday's highest in TeAm climber: titanmiller (2 spots)

Yesterday's production for TA: 73,686 (day before: 74,352 = -666) :evil:

TA's RAC 75,401

TA's total score 34,927,157

TA's world rank is: #4

TA's production rank today #2

Milestone Makers:

kmmatney passed 75,000 creds :laugh:

networkman passed 75,000 creds :laugh:

DrMeerkat passed 10,000 creds :D

Geoff Larkin passed 7,500 creds :p

GPTRoASU passed 1,000 creds :)

Yesterday's top 25 producers:
  • TeAm Enterprise (11,329 creds)
  • Dennis (7,477 creds)
  • uallas5 (5,029 creds)
  • OhioDude (3,471 creds)
  • teriba (2,587 creds)

  • BadThad (2,482 creds)
  • Dulanic (2,120 creds)
  • Rebel Alliance (2,074 creds)
  • The Arns Law Firm (2,055 creds)
  • Pokey (1,802 creds)

  • fusuikan (1,766 creds)
  • TA_TheReaper (1,759 creds)
  • Fardringle (1,741 creds)
  • aaronpriest (1,637 creds)
  • Rudy Toody (1,622 creds)

  • networkman (1,581 creds)
  • TA_JC (1,398 creds)
  • jw.middleton (1,384 creds)
  • Tom Philippart (1,168 creds)
  • Thehive (1,052 creds)

  • Soni (995 creds)
  • CrimsonWolf (922 creds)
  • strider7 (912 creds)
  • Dranzerk (876 creds)
  • Canai (781 creds)

SitRep for the TeAm and Rosetta News:
  • Yesterday, we had 77 active members (32.22%).
  • Congrats to yesterday's milestone makers! :gift:
  • Just for info:

    Upcomming overtakes:

    Team rank 2, name: Dutch Power Cows, Daily Gain: 7,123, Days to overtake: 3,242.11
    Team rank 3, name: Free-DC, Daily Gain: 28,817, Days to overtake: 794.81
    Team rank 1, name: XtremeSystems, Daily Gain: 56,694, Days to overtake: 736.19
  • Happy new year guys! Don't know if there will be any stats tomorrow, depends on the part and :beer:! ;)


BMC with thx to CyGoR

Rudy Toody

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Sep 30, 2006
Congratulations, kmmatney, networkman, DrMeerkat, Geoff Larkin, and GPTRoASU!

Thanks for the stats, BMC!


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Dec 28, 2006
Congratulations, all MM's and top producers, and thanks for the stats BMC!

Now, I'm about to expose myself as the NOOB that I am. I had a problem, and I didn't find mention of it in the FAQ. I was watching a graphic of one of my Rosetta tasks and became quite fascinated with it. I allowed it to run for several minutes. Activity on the graphic stopped, even though the task was still running. I closed the graphic and received a computer error! Is this the proper forum to report this, and has anyone else had such a problem?