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Rosetta@Home - 06/22: Stats


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May 28, 2003
No new members today :(

[TA]R@H is now 159 members strong.

Need some stats? Take a look at Free-DC, BOINC-Stats and BOINC-Synergy

Got some questions? Try the Official R@H FAQ (work in progress).

Want to know something about the medical relevance of Rosetta? Take a look at this article.

Interested in alpha testing for Rosetta? Take a look at RALPH.

Got problems with a stuck WU? Check out these threads here, here and here.

Yesterday's highest overall climber: Ric (1,382 spots)

Yesterday's highest TeAm climber: kuda65 (3 spot)

Yesterday's production for TA: 127,069 (day before: 124,155 = +2,914)

TA's RAC 110,581

TA's total score 17,934,792

TA's world rank is: #4

Milestone Makers:


Yesterday's top 25 producers:
  • TeAm Enterprise (25,558 creds)
  • Sofa King (7,343 creds)
  • Rebel Alliance (6,786 creds)
  • BadThad (6,479 creds)
  • TA_GeoffS (6,009 creds)

  • Fardringle (5,600 creds)
  • OhioDude (5,378 creds)
  • Dalephi (5,369 creds)
  • ken008 (4,806 creds)
  • Dennis (4,650 creds)

  • TA_TheReaper (4,244 creds)
  • Insidious (3,786 creds)
  • kb3edk (2,969 creds)
  • uallas5 (2,515 creds)
  • jw.middleton (2,187 creds)

  • petrusbroder (2,130 creds)
  • Kelemvor (1,832 creds)
  • TA_JC (1,634 creds)
  • Dwight Ringdahl (1,388 creds)
  • Pokey (1,113 creds)

  • strider7 (1,077 creds)
  • idlorj (1,049 creds)
  • The Arns Law Firm (1,040 creds)
  • Climb4 (855 creds)
  • chessaroo (839 creds)

SitRep for the TeAm and Rosetta News:
  • Xaak has left our TeAm and I have no idea why :(
  • No milestone makers yesterday :beer:
  • We had 83 active members (52.20%). :cool:
  • Official News: There are now German and Chinese translations of the Rosetta@home web site. We greatly appreciate the work from volunteers Arnaud, Christoph, and Yin who made this possible. If you would like to help translate Rosetta@home, instructions are available here.


BMC with thx to CyGoR


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Jan 30, 2004
I should give you guys a bit of an explaination. Team Helix of folding (in)fame took over our rosetta team, and I wouldn't crunch for them for personal reasons.

Today, however, a bunch of my Starfire teammates also decided to leave the Helix rosetta team for similar reasons, so I offered a team I had created for my business before joining here for them to crunch on, so I left here to join them.

I always liked you guys, which is why I came here to cruch Rosetta, and it's not a reflection of anyone here. It's something we need to do, in protest, and I'm joining my teammates in that protest.

Maybe I'll be back some day. Sorry for the disappointment.



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Nov 20, 2001
Thanks BMC :)

No sweat Xaak. I understand the situation and wish you the best. We'll keep a light on for you :D Once a teammate always a teammate :D


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Nov 28, 2004
Thanks for the stats, Chrtistian. :)

Thanks for the explanation, Xaak. As Crazee said: We'll keep a light on for you! :D Welcome back when you want - and take your team mates with you! ;)


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Dec 29, 2005
Originally posted by: petrusbroder
Oh, BTW, we have just some hours ago passed 18 000 000 cobblestones:
4 ___ TeAm AnandTech ___ RAC: 110,930.72 ___ Total credit: 18,005,553.89
Congrats to the TeAm!!:beer:

Thanks BMC!!!