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Rosetta@Home - 01/15: Stats & milestones


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May 28, 2003
No new members today :(

[TA]R@H is now 241 members strong. That number excludes some additional 30 people combined in TeAm Enterprise and about 11 in the Rebel Alliance.

Need some stats? Take a look at Free-DC, BOINC-Stats and BOINC-Synergy

Need a general overview over Rosetta? Take a look at this video with lots of background info and interviews.

Got some questions? Try the Official R@H FAQ (work in progress).

Want to know something about the medical relevance of Rosetta? Take a look at this article.

Interested in alpha testing for Rosetta? Take a look at RALPH.

Yesterday's highest overall climber: Cheeba (3,448 spots)

Yesterday's highest in TeAm climber: rabrittain (5 spots)

Yesterday's production for TA: 79,046 (day before: 76,232 = +2,814)

TA's RAC 76,450

TA's total score 36,241,955

TA's world rank is: #4

TA's production rank today: #1 :evil:

Milestone Makers:

bassyhead passed 75,000 creds :laugh:

Yesterday's top 25 producers:
  • TeAm Enterprise (12,554 creds)
  • Dennis (9,032 creds)
  • uallas5 (5,183 creds)
  • BadThad (4,099 creds)
  • OhioDude (3,785 creds)

  • teriba (2,821 creds)
  • fusuikan (2,075 creds)
  • thehennegroup (2,029 creds)
  • networkman (2,015 creds)
  • TA_TheReaper (1,885 creds)

  • Dulanic (1,757 creds)
  • Fardringle (1,739 creds)
  • TA_JC (1,728 creds)
  • Pokey (1,714 creds)
  • The Arns Law Firm (1,648 creds)

  • CrimsonWolf (1,360 creds)
  • strider7 (1,261 creds)
  • aaronpriest (1,160 creds)
  • Climb4 (944 creds)
  • jw.middleton (915 creds)

  • Rebel Alliance (910 creds)
  • Dranzerk (787 creds)
  • mrwizer (772 creds)
  • Tom Philippart (742 creds)
  • Strebor (740 creds)

SitRep for the TeAm and Rosetta News:
  • I'm sorry to say, but DaDude9211 left our TeAm for AMD Users. :(
  • Yesterday, we had 87 active members (36.10%).
  • Congrats to yesterday's milestone maker! :gift:


BMC with thx to CyGoR

Rudy Toody

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Sep 30, 2006
Congratulations, bassyhead!

Way to climb, Cheeba and Mr. Brittain!

Thanks for the stats, BMC!

PS: I'm an AMD user, but I'm staying here because I like diversity.

PPS: I'm lonely over at SZTAKI, but as soon as I make a few personal goals, I'll be back to Rosetta@Home.


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Jan 3, 2001
DaDude9211, I'm sure sorry to see you go but we really appreciated your help while in our number. We will leave the light on for you if you ever have a change of heart and will welcome you back with open arms. Crunch on! :)

Nice cracking, TeAm! :beer:

Thanks for your dedication, BMC. :thumbsup: