Roadrunner 505 Prestigio camera soaked


Junior Member
Apr 17, 2023
Last night I forgot to take my Roadrunner 505 Prestigio camera home and tonight when I took it home I wiped it off with water. It rained all night and day. I tried to unscrew the camera with a screwdriver but it was only possible to tuck the housing with a screwdriver and I saw that there was a dry green plate inside, but on the other side of the green plate it was impossible to check. There were small holes on the housing for the speaker, some water fell there and the speaker is quieter but the camera turns on normally. Is it just a matter of time until the green plate rusts and the camera stops working. Is getting the device wet dangerous and what should be done in such situations. Do I have to unscrew them immediately and wipe everything with toilet paper? Is this device valuable? What if it got wet, for example, a laptop? Was this camera waterproof?