Road trip from Seattle to Bay Area


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Sep 11, 2007
This year I am planning to fly to Seattle, then drive down to SF. Kid and wife have never been to Seattle or Portland, or anywhere North of SF, so this time it should be fun.

So here is my plan for the two weeks vacation.

First day fly into Seattle int he morning. Go to Seattle Center for the Space Needle and other museums there, then take the monorail to Westlake center and head to Pike Place market. Do the wheel, eat lunch, then maybe Pioneer square for the underground tour. Afterward take an Uber and go to hotel and rest.

Next day pickup rental car in the morning and then head to Boeing Future of Flight. Around noon time drive down to South Lake Union, check out the museum and bots.. etc there. take the rail to Chinatown for late lunch. Visit Centurylink field, then walk over to Smithtower or further to Columbia tower. hang around the downtown area before going back to hotel.

Day three drive over to Olympic ntl park. Do a few hikes and wander around a bit during the day. At night stay at Sequim.

Day four drive toward the Western coastline of the park, more hike. Stay at Forks.

Day five start with Rialto beach, then Second beach, and start driving toward Portland.
*I have never been to Portland too. But we will just stay for the night, so if anyone has suggestions on what can be done in a day (or an afternoon and then half a day), please tell!

Day six. After a night at Portland, head out toward the coast. The plan is spent a few hours in Portland before noon, then start driving at noon toward Bandon. Spend a night at Bandon.

Day seven would be driving from Bandon to Cape Blanco park for the light house, then toward Kalmath CA. Instead of staying at Kalmath, keep driving along 101 but go through the Newton Drury Scenic rd through the Prairie Creek state park. Stop at Rio Dell for lunch. Afterward drive through the Avenue of the Giants North entrance. Stop by Chimney Tree grill for snack, then drive down toward Leggett for the drive through tree! Stop at Clear lake and stay there for the night.

Day eight is to head down toward Napa, Sonoma and visit the winery there (I am not sure if there are many left after that huge fire). Then through Oakland to Union City to stay with relatives. Hang around the Bay Area for the rest of the six days.

Any suggestions? My wife and kid don't really like a lot of walk (aka hiking for a long period of time). So Olympic Ntl Park is already pushing it. We are also on a very tight budget, stay at more hotels might break it. That is why we are not sure if we can go to Mt Rainer Ntl park or even Mt St Helen.

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Jun 15, 2000
Next day pickup rental car in the morning and then head to Boeing Future of Flight.

The Museum of Flight is worth checking out if you and your family are interested in aviation. It probably has more kid-friendly things than the Boeing factory tour/museum. There is also the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum. Of course, don't miss Archie McPhee.

If you are looking for a snack when you are at Pike Place Market, check out Kukuraza for some great popcorn.



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Oct 22, 2001
Ha! I was also going to suggest the Flying Heritage Museum, especially if your aviation interest go back towards WWII.

For something near Portland, you could consider a drive and hike somewhere in the Columbia Gorge. Multnomah Falls is a popular stop, although many of the hiking trails around it on the Oregon side are still closed because of last year's fires. Options on the Washington side include Beacon Rock and Skamania Lodge.

Have fun!


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Jan 8, 2013
Suggest while in Napa area, most winery s survived, check out Amizetta Winery outside of Yountville

Dr. Detroit

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Sep 25, 2004
Day 7 - I don't think you will make it that distance as coastal 101 is slow going.

You really should get out of your car and spend some time hiking through a bit of the redwoods and seeing the Elk. Stop off in Ferndale for a snack and marvel in the architecture. Check out the high water markers in Crescent City from the tsunami.

I'd spend the night in Eureka at the Humboldt Bay Social Club.

I'd skip Napa and stick to the Mendocino County and Sonoma wineries off the 101 - all the wineries are still open, few closed from the fires.

Skip the drive through tree - get out of your car and go hike the giants - lots of little trails right off the Newton B Drury. The avenue of the Giants is good, but the Drury is better. Rockefeller loop is quality. Giant tree off Mattole road is easy to get to.

Jet boat ride on the Klamath? Grab some smoked Salmon right off 101 at Pauls in Klamath.

Trees of Mystery over the Drive Thru tree if you don't fee like hiking.


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Sep 11, 2007
Thx for the info guys! Going to make some adjustment to the plan and see if I can sneak a stay in Eureka or around there. This is going to be a great trip!