Risk of Rain 2: Survivor's of the Void expansion released today


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Mar 10, 2007

Risk of Rain 2 was an amazing sequel to the previous RoR title and if anyone was curious about the game or on the fence/waiting for a sale, now's your chance. The expansion is 35% off and the bundle of the main game + expansion is 44% off right now.

The expansion includes:
  1. Two new survivors - The Void Fiend and the Railgunner
  2. 41 new items added
  3. 14 new enemies (9 monsters, 3 bosses, and two new elite variants)
  4. New game mode
  5. New ending.
  6. New Music.
  7. New Maps.
  8. A lot of other stuff the devs have hinted about that they say will be fun to discover on our own.
I haven't played it yet since I'm still trying to slog my way through Skyrim (I will finish it this time), but it's definitely next on my list.

Edit: Alright, I caved. The new survivor is a lot of fun to play and the new maps add a massive breath of air to the game since the first two stages became incredibly stale after a while. The new game mode is pretty interesting but definitely needs some balancing especially due to the beacon moving around at one point and having it move up a hill that I couldn't climb so I ended up dying to the void since I wasn't able to follow the beacon. The devs said they are already working on fixing the issues that have been reported so that's a good thing.

They did change how the Void Fields works from the Bazaar and I absolutely hate this change and judging by the comments on the Steam discussion, the vast majority hate this change as well. Not only do you take significantly more damage from the Void but the timer doesn't stop while you're inside. Basically, there's no reason to go to the Void Fields anymore early on and it's far too dangerous to go there later. I hope they revisit this change and tweak it drastically but I do understand where they're coming from when they said it allows players to become incredibly OP before you ever reach stage 2, so I'm not sure of the direction they will go with this feedback.
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