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right speaker out on pro media 2.1 klipsch


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Jan 28, 2018
Set of pro media 2.1 speakers the right speaker has a faint play to it, Left plays fine. The knob, of course, to turn sound up down turns w/a little crickity to it and i've watched video on how to get into and down to where you can put rubbing alcohol it was suggested around the knobs to illeviate that to better days. But as far as the speaker wires or replacing and then some guys have changed the DIN plug, which I'm not sure how to re-connect it to the speaker's pod from subwoofer if that's the case and i don't know if it is.
Any (easy ha) suggestions?
* Since these are bluetooth i noticed when i turned the Bluetooth on right now, my right speaker started working. I lose connection with the Realtek Audio Controller so i can't go in and use the features including testing the balance of left-right. This is a trip because i'm not that crazy about Bluetooth and had no idea when i bought the speakers that it would be a big deal if i didn't select using it but they were on sale and i thought i could just plug them in and the elec. to elect. outlet on the wall as normal and that would be it.
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