Rig 1 - XP...Rig 2 - Win95 - How to share broadband?

Sorry, posted this already in OT, but they told me to post here.

I've got a Belkin Cable/DSL router (I just got broadband). I installed the router's software on my XP rig just fine, but when I try to install the configuration software on my 95 rig, it says that it must use 98 or greater.

Now, I KNOW that there's a way to get the 95 rig to share the internet connection with my XP rig, and I KNOW that there's a way to bypass the dumb Belkin software and just use Network Neighborhood to input the settings.

My question is, what settings should I edit in NetNeighb on my Win95 machine to enable it to recognize a broadband connection and share it through a Cable/DSL router?



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Oct 9, 1999
I have a Linksys 4port (BEFSR41) Rig 1 trpl boots XP, Me, and Mandrake; Rig 2 is 98SE, Rig 3 is XP, and Rig 4 is 98SE. I use DHCP and auto detect.