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News [Reuters] AMD lands Google, Twitter as customers with newest server chip


Oct 27, 2006
This is where this whole thing makes the most sense.

The truth is that 95-99% of typical home users would be more than fine with a Ryzen 1200, Core i3 8100, etc. Desktop has largely lost its importance with the masses, and the bulk that actually care are either gamers or heavy use professionals, and those realms are a teeny tiny fraction of the larger marketplace. This makes the moaaaar cores aspect kind of moot for almost everyone.

However, EVERYONE uses some type of cloud services these days, even if it's just YouTube, Spotify, or whatever. And the metrics on those platforms absolutely can benefit massively from this kind of sea change.

It's kind of a flip from the last AMD Renaissance, where desktop was the biggest place where they made sense, and it was trickier/less clear in back-office for a variety of reasons such as platform/features/etc. They were still valid options with good performance, but not worth ripping down racks of thousands of units for outright replacement. This time, that kind of drastic move by major services providers DOES make sense in many cases.


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Jul 12, 2006
whelp, already recovered all of their losses from last weeks hilarious over-reaction...