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Question Returning laptop. Is Windows 10 "Reset this PC" ok?


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Jul 2, 2011
So I wasn't sure were to post this to so mods please move it to the appropriate sub if needed.

Anyway, I bought an HP laptop and after using it for around a week or so I just can't live with the flaky Realtek wifi adaptor. So before I return it to Walmart I used the built in Windows10 "Reset this PC" option.
Do you guys think this will be ok? Before I return it I want to make sure none of my personal info left behind. If there is a better option please let me know.


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Mar 29, 2001
When you ran the Reset this PC option, did you choose to just wipe your files, or did you choose the option to wipe your files and clean the drive?

You'll probably be ok either way, but the option to wipe the files and clean the drive (while it can take a good while, in some cases several hours) is by far the most secure method.
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