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Question Retrobit Megaman USB wired NES controller on Android?


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Jan 23, 2007
What's the difference between a USB NES gamepad on PC, Mac and Android?


I bought this Mega Man themed NES controller to play a few old nes games on Jnes that I haven't played since the early 90's. The controller has very good responsiveness, and I really like it.

Since it works fine for original NES, and on Mac and PC through the USB hookup, I was wondering if it might work Jnes on the Android box that I have hooked up to my TV. It has 3 usb ports, so I thought it might work ok.

When I go into Jnes on the Android box, and I've plugged the retro-bit controller in using USB, I can see something under connected devices that says:


Since that didn't show up before, I'm thinking that it is the retrobit controller. However, I'm unable to get it to work either in Jnes, Mame4Droid, or in the genertic gamepad tester I have installed. (which usually shows some movement when I press gamepad control up and down)

I understand that this doesn't say it has Android support. However, with a USB connection, I would think that this thing could work with Android. Is the gamepad physically missing something that it would need in order for Android to detect it and work properly? It appears to be detected, since that rtkbt thing suddenly showed up, but maybe Android doesn't know what to do with it?

I would appreciate any ideas or thoughts on this - I'm totally new to it. It won't kill me if I absolutely can't use it on my Android box, but I think it would be cool to use the same gamepads on my PC and Android systems, especially since these can also be hooked up to a genuine NES system if I ever find one at a yard sale.