Retrieving data from broken comstar enclosure


Junior Member
Dec 1, 2008
I bought a comstar 1tb usb external drive last boxing day. Its been running 24/7 since then. Today, my mac mini would not recognize it. I tried connecting it to my vista desktop and same issue. I cracked open the enclosure because retrieving this data is more valuable than the warranty and found 2 western digital hard drives. I connected them to my desktop and they are both recognized in the BIOS and the "Computer Management" tool in windows vista (although 1 says it's 1tb and the other is 500gb).

I have 2 problems though:
1. The drives are formated as Journal Extended (or whatever the mac file system is called)
2. I can only connect 1 at a time to my desktop without buying more cables.

I think the easiest solution is to buy a new enclosure but I'm unsure if it will recognize the drives. I believe they're set up in RAID0 configuration. Will any enclosure automatically detect this? and if you know of a good enclosure that holds 2 hard drives, please let me know.