Response from CafePress about stupid T-shirt.


Mar 11, 2000
"Thank you for your email to regarding the merchandise
promoting the recent tragedy in NYC and Washington DC. agrees that the design was in poor taste, and we have removed
it from our service. allows users to design and sell their
own merchandise. As soon as we learned of the offensive merchandise being
sold through our service, we immediately closed the store and removed the
member from our service.

We would like to extend our prayers and thoughts to the victims of the
recent events in NY and Washington D.C. and their families. Many members of
the community have been directly affected by the tragedy - we
even have employees that have losses in their own families.


* does not design the merchandise on our site. We host online
stores and help people sell their own merchandise. It is impossible for us
to monitor everything that gets posted on our service as it gets posted.

* We DO have a high standard for what stays on the site - and remove things
that are not up to that standard. In this case - we removed the store within
minutes of the first person reaching our offices this morning.

* And in true American spirit, we refuse to chase negativity with more
negativity. Thus we've turned the link around into a positive message.
Please feel free to take a look:

Out heart-felt wishes go out to everyone affected. The strength of America,
and of freedom world wide, is in banding together in times of need and
supporting positive growth, healing, and rebuilding. If you feel the new
page helps support a worthy cause, please let others know. And as always -
we at support our community, and always welcome suggestions. If you
have any positive ideas on how we might be able to help out more, please let
us know.

With Best Wishes,"

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> This is completely reprehensible. I would not be surprised if your
company's success is threatened by one of your users, for good reason.

My thoughts are with their employees families too.


May 15, 2001
Good action on their part. I sent the link yesterday of the t-shirt to MSNBC but haven't heard anything back. Not that I expected to.


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Aug 24, 2001
Nice reponse, its nice to know there are still decent businesses. I emailed CNN, Wash Post, and Hanes yesterday.


Mar 11, 2000
Yes, it's nice to see businesses like this, after seeing all the boneheads on eBay trying to profit off the devastation. :|