Question RESOLVED: Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2: How LONG is This going to TAKE!?


Jun 30, 2004
I'm sort of overwhelmed this week, and have a lot less time than I did before my Moms began to decline with her dementia. What I'm doing this week might have been done a couple years ago, but I wasn't keeping up. With diaper duty, I have to keep up with the eldercare -- no choice in the matter.

I'm either giving away, recycling, or re-deploying computers in the household. Before my brother died in January, we had two users in the house, and before Moms' troubles became apparent in 2016, we had three users. For that, I've kept a "home server" -- a practice that has gone back some 20 years. I went from WHS Home Server 2011 to Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2, running fairly well and tip-top at the present. I have to rethink my computer tech strategy for myself. Nobody else can figure into it, now.

So I had four systems being backed up regularly to the server. The server's own backup of serious file to be saved is done with a different piece of software -- SyncBack SE. I didn't like the way the server versions encrypt the backups and fill up an extra hard disk.

So I'm deleting all these other computers from the server, and therefore their backups.

I started the Backup Cleanup service yesterday afternoon, and the archived backups for the other workstations and a laptop are still in the Client Computer Backup folder. The wisdom from MS and other sources tells me that running this service seems to take a long time. It's now about 8:00 AM, and it's still running with no indications of anything wrong, but Win Explorer tells me there's still about 250 GB of these "Dat" and other files in that folder. I'm keeping the server for now, because it has a lot of movies and TV recordings on it (12TB drive-pool), which aren't backed up or duplicated in teh drive-pool. But I will still have at least two workstations and a "Media PC" of my own for a while, and I want them backed up without problem. So I want to start clean before I reconnect them to the server and initialize their scheduled backups. And of course, the server is still the main repository for my document archive, accounting files and other important things -- with folder duplication.

How LONG should this take? Are there any other ideas about orderly removal of these backup files if there are some left? I think I'm leaving my laptop's backup on there, so the only machines listed under "devices" at the moment are the server and the laptop.

Thanks. I've got a lot of fish to fry, but this delay is cramping my style, so to speak . . .

NOTE: I just deleted the laptop from the Dashboard "Devices" window. Oddly, the "properties" of the "Client Computer Backups" hasn't changed from showing 257 GB of backup files, even though I chose to delete the laptop backups in the dialog boxes.

THE RESOLUTION: I'm still concerned about the files still in the Client Computer Backups folder, but the Cleanup service completed. All the computers in the house which were set for backup have been deleted from the system, and I'm reinstalling the Windows Server Essentials Connector on them all. This however has created another problem, and I will post another thread.
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