Resolution in windows affects gameplay


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Nov 28, 2013
I play better at wc3 frozen throne with 1280x1024 in windows

but i play better at cs:go when the windows resolution is 1440x900

I'm playing with in game resolution set at max

any way to configure something automatic when i switch between games?


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Feb 13, 2008
CS:GO is a modern game which should support all monitor resolutions correctly, you just need to pick the right one for your monitor.

WC3 Frozen throne is quite old I'm guessing that it supports only a fixed number of screen resolutions, the Wide Screen Gaming Forum site has lots of hacks for old games that allows you to set custom resolutions to match whatever monitor you have, while they don't have informtaion for Frozen Throne specifically, this is pretty close and will probably work with some tweaks

I'd visit the forum thread associated with that page and see if anyone has tweaked this to work with Frozen Throne, it should all be relatively easy to work out from there, or you can ask their help directly as they have a lot of really helpful and knowledgeable members.


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Mar 10, 2007
As Frosty pointed out, a lot of older games simply don't work with higher resolutions without workarounds and even with tweaks, some older games function very poorly (enemies "popping in"/disappearing on-screen). When I play older games, I tend to keep the aspect ratio the same as my current monitor and just use whatever is the highest resolution for the ratio available. That tends to work pretty well for the most-part.

Also, for the wide-screen tweaks, playing Brood Wars and Warcraft 2 at a high resolution is basically cheating. I was able to view almost the entire map while messing around with the custom resolutions and the units were so small, I could barely operate selecting units.


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Nov 21, 2013
There are ways to increase the resolution in WCIII, some registry changes or you can download a program that does it for you. The UI stretches out a bit but the game looks great.
Edit: Blizzard did release a patch a couple years back that added in widescreen support, it used to require reg edits before that.

As for StarCraft, it was strictly set at 640x480 but there used to be mods that would bump up the resolution but they didn't work that well.

StarCraft + BW should be getting an HD release soon so there's that at least.
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