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Question Researching for I9-9900K/KS build - Any MB brands that have max power components/cooling W/O RGB or max SATA/PCI-E/USB?


Jul 4, 2003
Looking at possible i9-9900KS build and read up on some of the Branded bundles and some other articles concerning TDP/XMP/MCE in bios. Most of the bundles are all Halo boards.

Are there any current boards that were already max for i9-9900K without RGB and other extra components that are not directly tied to max performance? Or did most manufacturers already relegate best components to only their max bling boards?

This will be a max gaming build that doesn't need max storage slots or USB or multiple GFX. So looking for best power components/cooling without needing $400+ halo board.

Will be going AIO CPU cooling or custom loop so will source mono-block/MB Blocks rather than MFR pre-install.