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Research Study on Gaming Mice


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Feb 12, 2021

My company is looking for feedback from PC gamers and I thought this page would be a good place to find some really knowledgeable people! After discussing this post with the mods, we agreed this would be the best place for this post.

Here is the info:

Got opinions about PC gaming? Participate in our study and you can earn $75!

The Research & Planning Group (RPG) is an opinion research company that is currently conducting a study to learn more about how PC gamers play. We will be conducting a limited number of scheduled online interviews over the next few weeks, and we're inviting you to sign up to participate! Those who complete an interview with us will earn a $75 honorarium in the form of a check or electronic gift card.

Unfortunately, space is limited and we can't include everyone, so your best bet is to take this quick survey right now to see if you're eligible.

If you're right for the study, we will follow up with you to get you scheduled.

Click here to take the survey!

All interviews are confidential and any personal information collected will only be used for the purposes of scheduling the research. We are not selling anything and adhere to the ethical codes and standards of the Insights Association. You can learn more about RPG at https://researchplan.com/.

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Sep 28, 2005
Thread has been unsticked after 10 months, as i feel the study should of ended.

If it needs to be resticked please make a post over at Moderator Discussions.


Jun 3, 2011
"do you live in Murica? no? then your opinion on gaming mice is irrelevant, guy-who-played-quake-for-13-years"



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Apr 15, 2007
After being here for years, I'm not sure I often glance at stickies as they are often stickied for entirely too long and not really relevant or updated. This is my first time seeing this post.

Gaming Mice: I don't know. I don't think it was marketed as a gaming mouse, but I liked the MX1000... a lot... I bought it originally when it was new and then much later bought two more for over 200 bucks to try to keep one going and also bought a replacement battery. Paired with "uberoptions" (software) it was an amazing mouse.

I'm trying this G502 Lightspeed by logitech and I *hate* not having the up/down scroll button above and below the mouse wheel that the MX1000 had. I swear Logitech needs to rerelease the MX1000 already, even if modified in color or in some other ways.

I hate most gaming mice and their attempt to cram eleventy billion buttons into a small space. Just give me several comfortable to push buttons that can be programmed.

1) Button above the Mouse Wheel = turbo mouse wheel up by default
2) Button below the Mouse Wheel = turbo mouse wheel down by default
3) Push directly Down on the Mouse Wheel = close current web browser tab by default
4) Push the Mouse Wheel (tilt) to the left = scroll left in web pages/documents
5) Push the Mouse Wheel (title) to the right = scroll right in web pages/documents
6) Page Forward on left side (thumb accessible) = navigate forward in browsing history
7) Page Back on left side (thumb accessible) = navigate backward in broswing history
8) App/Program switch Centered Between Page Forward/Back = graphical Caraselle pops up to switch apps/programs (similar as Alt Tab in function, but you can click the program you want to swap to with mouse pointer)

If they want to add the G7 / G8 buttons from the G502 (buttons 9 & 10 in my line up) in addition to the above, as buttons you can program, I think that'd be fine.

Make all of these buttons programmable in the software package that comes with the mouse. Allow for Alt or Ctrl modifiers of all of these buttons, too. So you could program Ctrl + Backward Navigate to be something entirely different, as example.

Don't add a mechanical lock/unlock button for the mouse wheel. That's what the turbo scroll up and down buttons are for mentioned above. There's no digital way to represent those "buttons" in software on the computer. You can't reprogram them. It's wasted button space.