Request: WiDi vs Airplay Mirroring Feedback

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    Hope this is the best forum for this question. Want to turn our 55" HDTV into an extended desktop so that my wife can view her asian language shows (Chinese and Korean mostly) on the TV while I can use the computer for what I want. We accomplished this in our previous home by using a monoprice dvi to hdmi cable that I connected to one of the alternative ports on my video card (560ti) and it used the nvidia sound to output through the tv's speakers meaning I could have two separate sound sources without any problems. I could watch youtube and hear my sound while her program was running on the extended desktop with it's own sound.

    We moved into an apartment, and making a cable run isn't do-able as the position of the PC and the TV involve a couple right angles, a closet door and the front door. We also have a newborn so once she gets into her crawling and/or teething stages I wouldn't want a cable ran on the floor.

    So I'm looking at using WiDi or Airplay Mirroring - I'm looking for feedback to see which one I should invest in. Getting an AppleTV would be financially cheaper versus having to get the new intel wireless nic which are OOS currently and the companion box but if it's a better experience I'm okay with that.

    I also found an App called AirParrot which claims to do Airplay Mirroring via PC as well - any experience with this?

    The other alternative would be to get GoogleTV and use the Android App for PPS.TV and Funshion but I have no experience with these apps to determine if they'd be satisfactory for my wife. The iOS versions of these apps we lacking in features (and some shows apparently) according to her, so I'm weary to invest any money into those products.

    Finally, buying one of those "mini-pcs" is the other alternative like the MacMini or some nettop but I'm really trying to avoid this as the user experience isn't that great on a TV IMO.

    TTL;DR - TV too far away from PC, want to extend desktop to the TV wirelessly w/ audio looking for feedback on Intel WiDi vs Apple Airplay Mirroring. Also want feedback on AirParrot's ability to do Airplay Mirroring from a PC. Is GoogleTV a viable alternative? Trying to avoid buying/build a small form factor pc like a MacMini or other alternatives.
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