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Question request input on which apple ipad or product to buy.


Dec 24, 2007
Hello All,
I am looking to purchase an ipad, and either of the 2 requirements should be fulfilled (and I know most likely ...both cannot be fulfilled at the same time by a single ipad)
1. Cheapest and the latest generation or previous generation ipad. To be used for sketching or editing photos and playing videos.
2. ipad which can double up as a laptop (provided the keyboard and mouse is connected)
If the option 2 becomes very expensive then I will settle for option 1

I will attempt to be more descriptive of my requirement and edit this post more.

Country of purchase : USA or Most probably : India.

Request your input.


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Oct 9, 2004
The ideal would be an iPad Air with a Magic Keyboard and second-generation Pencil, but that's definitely expensive. Even with some Amazon sales running, you're looking at $864 ($540 for the iPad, $199 for the keyboard, $125 for the Pencil). Obviously you could scrap the Pencil if you just want a keyboard and trackpad.

A more affordable option is number 1, with a base iPad ($329 normally) and the first-gen Pencil ($99). It'll certainly do that job well enough.

If I were in this position and could justify the money, I'd get an iPad Air and Magic Keyboard. It'll be fast and work about as well as a laptop replacement as you could possibly get. You won't be hand-drawing masterpieces without the Pencil, but you probably won't have other complaints.
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