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Reps. Jones and Lynch to hold conference on res to declassify 9/11 report

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Feb 13, 2010

i wish the obama admin would declassify. and just as i apologize to dick, bush, and bibi for accusing them of supporting it, obama should apologize to everyone for conning everyone into the problems of further intervention and for lying about bin laden being killed while he was president. i am also thankful to bush that he had the honesty and the courage to say that killing bin laden wasnt his admin's priority.

unfortunately, the whole report is not likely to be declassified given that obama has already said he had bin laden killed when the latter wasnt the culprit, but rather the u.s.g.'s incompetency was.

declassifying it would, however, help national security immensely if the obama admin DID declassify, because it would show how incompetent the ruling class is at protecting us and they would be removed from public office in a heartbeat.
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