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Replacing MB/CPU because of Meltdown & Spectre


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Mar 11, 2010
With the discovery of Meltdown and Spectre, I'm seeing that it will require a Windows patch and a bios update. Windows (for the most part) has been patched. Since I'm thinking that most MB manufacturers are only going to update the last couple generations of chipsets, I was wondering what people's plans were, for using older computers, where the MB manufacturer won't update the bios.

For example, I have a I7 4790K, which is used as an HTPC and usage of WMC. I also have a I7 3770K machine, that is mainly used for backup of files from other computers that are used.

Both of these have older chipsets, which I cam pretty certain won't have a bios update, but them having a particular purpose/role, I'm not sure if it would make sense to drop a bunch of money to replace, especially with how much DDR4 current costs. In the case of the backup machine, I could get a way with using a Ryzen 2200G, but the time you factor in Board ($75 roughly), CPU ($100) and 8 GB Ram ($80), Is it worth the $250-$280 to replace something that serves a particular purpose?

I would say that if these were computers that had multiple purposes, I would have a easier time with justifying the upgrade. That being said, the machines that we use mainly use are Ryzen.



Mar 10, 2004
Meltdown and Spectre aren't really anything for home users to worry about.

However, my Haswell systems both received updates and are fully patched. Asus boards. B85 and Z97 chipsets.

My Ivy Bridge system is Meltdown patched. Also an Asus board.