Question Replace the motherboard or upgrade the RAM?


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Feb 7, 2021
This system:
R5 2600

This machine is for gaming and a little producing video/photo works.. not for heavy games I think
I wanna at first to upgrade the ram on this machine, but I heard maybe because of the mobo/cpu that is will be maybe dont working because that is zen+.
You recommend for today 16GB or 32GB anyway?

I dont know if that is worth it to right now to pay something like 400$ and replace the mobo with new B550 + new PSU (needed if I wanna to keep this machine safe I think) + RAM + Storage (needed because of low storage right now)

So that is worth to try to upgrade this machine to 32GB only and see if that is works or replace the combo? Right now I think the CPU still keep and will not be replaced until the next upgrade.. RAM is the primary issue right now with this system
But maybe in the future something from Intel will be more profitable for the money and will need to replace the mobo again if I will buy new mobo right now...
Maybe if I will replace the mobo right now the current one will be move to other old machine with some cheap AMD cpu.

So all those changes is maybe similar to buy new computer so... dont know if that is worth it

What do you think is the best to doing here?


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Sep 13, 2008
More RAM is a good idea if you need it, but then while you are at it, you might as well do a more major upgrade of the rest of the system, especially if you also need more storage now.

Do you know if your motherboard supports Zen 3 yet? If so, I would keep the board, upgrade RAM + storage now, and either buy a 5800X now, or wait for the 5700X. I would likely be inclined to wait for the 5700X anyway if I were you. Also, what is your OS and PSU? And do you already have an SSD? (you should)


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Aug 1, 2018
It should be easy and inexpensive to add another stick of RAM. (I assume you have a single 1x8 in there now?) 16GB is enough for almost all games and should be OK for casual content editing as long as you aren't talking about 4K or higher resolutions.

Try to match the RAM stick you have in there now. If you can't match brands, at least try to match speed and timings.

My experience with Zen+ suggests that you shouldn't have any trouble with up to 3200 MT/s and two sticks. Even on a crappy motherboard you should manage 3000-ish. If you try to run 4 sticks then you'll struggle to get past 2400, especially on a lower end motherboard.