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Discussion in 'Networking' started by tcsenter, Jan 8, 2013.

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    A few years ago, I tried to remote into my sister's box using the built-in Windows (Vista) remote desktop/support feature. I had her enable/allow the proper exceptions in Windows Firewall, create a password protected invitation then email it to me, but it didn't work. Both of us were behind NAT/routers, so I had her direct connect (wired) into the cable modem, completely disable Windows Firewall, reset everything and then send me another invitation. I also bypassed my wifi router and just plugged into my cable modem. Still didn't work! It complained about client address/computer not found.

    A friend is having some issues in another state and they have tried every tip I sent them, so I wanted to try another remote desktop/support effort. They have Vista 64 through DSL, I haven't tried it yet but was wondering WTH do I need to make this happen using the in-built Windows remote admin/desktop feature?
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    I have no idea how the Remote Assistance stuff works, but straight RDP just requires the ability to connect to server side on port 3389. If the server is behind a firewall doing NAT or PAT then a forwarded port will need to be setup, otherwise it works just fine.

    If you can't get it working, why not just use one of the many other, freely available options like TeamViewer,, etc until you figure out what you're doing wrong?