Remember the Raiden series of SHMups? (Life imitates art?)


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Aug 25, 2001

Every enemy in Raiden had these like weird crystal shards in them, like an implanted control device.

Pheer that humans are now getting them too. Life imitates art?

(If you've played the Raiden series of games, you'll instantly see what I'm talking about, and why this is in gaming, and not OT.)
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Jan 29, 2005
Could have also been a Diablo 1 or 2 reference with the Soulstone :)

But yeah I read the title and - of course! - the Raiden series is one of my all time favorites for Shoot 'Em Ups. I played a lot of the first Raiden on the TurboGraphx-16 with my uncle in the early 90s. And a few years later I recall spending a couple of pennies on the Arcade version of Raiden 2 pretty much every time I went to my arcades place. Then it came out on PS1 and I played that version on 1 or maybe 2 rentals. I stopped after that though, never really played any of the following games in the series. But I absolutely remember the first two games and, obviously, the diamond thing on the enemies.

Sucks to be that rapper dude during that performance but it's mentioned he still has it, so all is well in the end for him.